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Pasadena-7™ Neck BLK

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Pasadena 7 Neck
Full, clear and defined, the Pasadena 7 neck Humbucker works great in tandem with our Sunset Strip and Pasadena Plus 7-String humbuckers. The Alnico-5 magnet yields a round tone that still lets your low-B be heard as well as felt. This pickup can also provide additional bite and clarity with its coil-splitting functionality, thus increasing your instrument's versatility.
Neck Position
Universal Spacing (61.2mm)            
4 Conductor Harness
Solid nickle-silver baseplate
DC Resistance
Primary wind 4.6 k ohms
9.2 k ohms at full power

*Resistance readings are approximates and can have minor fluctuations.

Gauss Field
Alnico V direct coupled construction
Pole Pieces
7 @ .1875" nickel plated carbon steel
7 #5 slot pan head Philips nickel plated carbon steel

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