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MonsterTone-J Bass™ Neck

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MonsterTone Bass-J Neck
Originally dubbed the F540T, this revolutionary design was the first Œdual sound single-coil made. Faithful to the original, this dedicated neck MonsterTone delivers an extremely musical 'thump', while remaining crystal clear and defined. Although it is still a true single coil, its 4-conductor wiring allows various wiring options which can add a wide array of tones, including some great traditional sounds. The MonsterTone Bass-J Neck is designed to work in perfect harmony with our dedicated bridge version.
Available in bridge position.
Neck Position
Universal Spacing (56.1mm)            
Tapped Design
4 Conductor Harness
Solid nickle-silver baseplate
DC Resistance
Primary wind 3.66 k ohms
6.05 k ohms at full power
Gauss Field
Ceramic 8
Pole Pieces
8 @ .25" nickel plated carbon steel

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