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MonsterTone Stack™ Bridge

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MonsterTone Stack Bridge
A true MonsterTone single coil look and sound without the typical 60 cycle hum associated with most single coil pickups. Thanks to its one over one coil configuration, along with a shared central magnetic field, this pickup provides a wide variety of tonal variations. This pickup can deliver full power - Hum bucking, split top and split bottom, as well as parallel and series wiring options!
A 3 piece set is available as well as individual middle and neck positions.
Bridge Position
Universal Spacing (53 mm)            
Tapped Design
DC Resistance
Primary wind 7.10 k ohms
14.2 K ohms full power 

*Resistance readings are approximates and can have minor fluctuations.

Gauss Field
Ceramic Direct couple construction
Pole Pieces
6 @ .25" nickel plated carbon steel
VFB bobbin construction

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