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Pasadena-7™ Bridge BLK

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Pasadena 7 Bridge
Our Pasadena humbuckers are the first of our newly designed Sun Valley, CA pickups. This Alnico-V powered 7-String pickup has lots of output without being over-the-top, and lets the natural tone of your instrument shine through. The Pasadena 7 is a very balanced humbucker with a wide tonal range, and works great with today's modern 'profiling' amplifiers! Its 4-conductor design also allows for a variety of options from pronounced and cutting to dark and full. If you are looking for straight metal we have several other ERG humbuckers that are better suited, but if you want something to showcase your versatility then this is your pickup!
Available in both ERG and Neck position.
Bridge Position
Universal Spacing (61.2mm)            
4 Conductor Harness
Solid nickle-silver baseplate
DC Resistance
Primary wind 5.8 k ohms
11.6 k ohms at full power

*Resistance readings are approximates and can have minor fluctuations.

Gauss Field
Alnico V direct coupled construction
Pole Pieces
7 @ .1875" nickel plated carbon steel
7 #5 slot pan head Philips nickel plated carbon steel

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